vendredi 17 juillet 2009

The "gorges de l'Ardèche" et the Madeleine's cave

It is so hot here, 35 degres!! But we don't care, we go here and there to visit and see the landscape with my taiwanese friends!
Today we go to see the Ardèche gorges and the we visit a cave, 100 000 years old at least. It was so good to be at -65m because the temperature was very fresher, 15°C!! Great! We almost needed a coat to go there!
The pont d'Arc is very famous in Europe because it is a very beautiful part of the Gorges. My friends love that, and me too because I realized it was the first time I go there!
The day after we go to Ruoms, an old city. No tourists in the streets because they don't know that inside it is so beautiful. They prefer going to the beach in order to be fresher in the water of the river.
The Ruoms's church is very beautiful too, more than the Vogüe's one. Older and smaller... I've met some guys outside, they were preparing a theater stage for a show. I wanted to go but tonight we prepare shui jiao, I mean dumplings with pork meat and some vegetables from our garden! so good!

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