vendredi 17 juillet 2009

Vogüe et Balazuc with my taiwanese friends from Kaohsiung

The chinese center chairperson arrived in Ardèche with her friend. It is very funny to speak chinese in south of France with them. They are chinese teachers, both of them, so I improve my chinese thanks to them.
We went to Vogüe and Balazuc to have a walk there. It was really hot, sunny and a lot of tourists were walking in the streets. We could here speaking english, german, deutch and belgium language.
We visited the Vogüe's castle, a very old one. Before it was private but since few years it belongs to the city, so now you can go inside and see the architecture.

To go back home we follow the "défilés"'s road just near Ruoms. We've seen the canoe in the river, the Ardèche river. I think it really looks like Taroko in Taiwan, in east coast.
This is the Balazuc village, a very old one. The church was built in the XIIth century.
The church is open since two years, and now it is possible to visit it. You can see an art exhibition. It is very quiet and original to see.

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