vendredi 17 juillet 2009

One week in Ardèche, south of France

I arrived in Ardèche for one week, the weather is so good, sunny and it is really quiet here! It is the countryside!
In the garden I met a beautiful butterfly, it was eating the flower. Seen from the house, the landscape is fabulous, and there is only the sound of the birds and the wind. I love spending some days here!
But sometimes you can meet a snake, like in Taiwan. The french snakes are smaller but as dangerous as Taiwanese snakes.
After one day at home we decided to go to visit a traditional market. There, some musicians sang with strange instrument, like here. This guy seems be coming from north Europe according to his language.
The Ardeche markets are night ones, it is very confortable to have a walk there. In the evening the weather is better, less hot, because in the afternoon it can be 35 degres.

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