mardi 14 juillet 2009

A trip in Italy with Bernard and Emilie

It is funny to go to a tourist trip with my two friends Bernard and Emilie because they are the two who came to see me in Taiwan last year! This time we decided to go to Italy by the St Bernard pass. I really don't know what this Saint Bernard did in the mountains but there, you can see his statue, and in Italy you can see his house.
At the frontier we met the "carabinieri" it means in italian: the italian policeman. But since the Europe organization and the Maastrich law there is no any frontier between european countries. It is very easy to go to Italy, England, Germany, the policemen just stare at you and that's all. No need visa, or any papers to go there.
We were at 2188 m and it was really cold!! We saw snow here and there... I was regretting Kaohsiung during few minutes!!
We met guys who were skying on the road, it is a strange sport, you wear skis with wheels on your feet and you follow the road. It is not roller, it is different because it looks like ski.
We stop to play with the snow, because it was too funny to think that it was the summer but we were in the snow. After 5 minutes I was so cold that I decided to let Bernard and Emilie playing alone and I went in the car. This picture is very good, I didn't know I succeeded to take in photo the snow ball of Bernard.
As I told you we follow the trail to go to the Bernard's house, but we never found it... We just stopped to see the church, fabulous one!! I am going to see you the picture later after the lunch.
The italian lunch was very good but a bit strange, we choose the "menu promozione" but it was 18 euros!! The food was really good, the name of this small city is La Thuile. After this sorrt of bacon we ate a bit of polenta with meet and the dessert was the best:
"gelati" ice cream with red fruits... humm!! After the meal we go to visit the town, it is a tiny touristic town, very cute!
Emilie bought a funny thing to put at her window, in the wind. I remember now that I forgot to give her the autocollant of Daila lama... I have to send you by mail now!!
This is the church I was speaking just before in La Thuile. So cute, and so old !! One year in Taiwan and I forgot how old is Europe... !
Inside is very traditional, but I didn't meet any religious woman, monk. It was really beautiful and so quiet.
It was a so good day in the mountains of french Alps, the weather was not really clear but the light was very surprising. I hope next year to live there and to invite all my friends of Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan...

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