jeudi 23 juillet 2009

From Aubenas to Grenoble by bus speaking in chinese

After spending the morning in Aubenas we took the bus to go to Grenoble. We passed by the Escrinet's pass and we could enjoy a fabulous landscape.
 It was very funny because we spent a long time to chat in chinese with Nan Yen who gave me a intensive chinese course during few hours, I am so grateful to her for that! The people in the bus thought, as in the Aubenas's market, I was the official traductor of the two taiwanese women hihihi!!! so funny!! My chinese is so poor, that's why it is really funny to think that!! Althought I was so used to take this road during two years, I was very happy to see the ardeche's countryside and to come back here. I was happy to see my taiwanese friends liking very much this place. And I was thinking about Jeff who spent a lot of time to bring me in this kind of places in Taiwan. It is so nice to take the chance to visit very special places of a country... Nan and Shu spent their time in watching the landscape and trying to take some pictures but in a bus it is really difficult. They saw the "Long he" 龍河 that is to say the Rhône, the second most long river of France (I think...). At last we arrived in Grenoble and few days after that, we met for a dinner in the town center of Grenoble.As usual in Grenoble during the summer, there was not a lot of people in the streets but the atmosphere was relly different from Kaohsiung, and the air was so good to breath!! (sorry for my friends who are now in Jakarta or in Kaohsiung...!! ;-)) Grenoble seems to me now, after one year in Taiwan so typically french!!! People take the time to go and to have a talk with friends, or to go in a park or to drink something in a café. I love that!
We eat together at the Grenette place and Nan Yen, who is really brave, decided to try the Ravioles which is a typical food from Grenoble. They took picture of the plates and we gave a chinese name to Mickaël, I can't write it because my laptop here is not in chinese... Now they are both in Marseille with July.
I just want to tell them; thank you very much for the great moments we had together, and I wish you a good travel in Germany and a save flight to Taiwan!! See you there!

3 commentaires:

  1. sabrina, you surely speak chinese better than me, it should be very funny for you to try to translate how nice things you've seen together
    See you soon in Paris !

  2. Argghh c pas possible, je les connais tous les deux, ces deux profs, surtout Shu Laoshi! J'ai eu un souvenir inoubliable avec elle, pendant un an! J'avais le cours de la litterature ancienne (chinoise) et elle etait mon prof! Franchement c'etait horrible... mais bon, apparemment vous avez passe pas mal de trucs ensemble a grenoble, en ardeche et ca me fait plaisir quand meme... je vous envie!! hihihi... tu reviens quand a taiwan?? on se voit a taipei???

  3. des ravioles aux raviolis : une nuit ! mais quelle nuit. Rigolades et régalades, merci beaucoup Nan-Yen et Shue Hui pour la leçon de cuisine en chinois.