samedi 1 août 2009

Egyptian cafe in Grenoble: The Karkadé

This is one place I really like in Grenoble: the Karkadé. It is an Egyptian café where you can spend time slowly, quietly, hearing some typical music, watching some photos and sometimes speaking about politic. Some musicians friends where there this night and we spend the evening eating the Mahmoud's tajine and listening oud music.

Didi tried to play drums and Hanane sang with her fabulous voice... what's pleasure!!! So great!

If you want to go there and drink some Karkadé tea just go to the number 8 of Servan's street and just enjoy the moment.

Le Karkadé restaurant égyptien
8 rue Servan 
38000 Grenoble

2 commentaires:

  1. thank you for the tip, this place sounds good

  2. I have been to karkade while I was visiting Grenoble in September is really will meet some lovely people there a page for karkade on Facebook.